White Oudh - Oud Abyat by al Haramain, Arabian perfumed oil - attar

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'White Oudh' by al Haramain is a complex fragrance, based on oudh (agarwood), amber, saffron and frankincense.

The Arabic name of 'White Oudh' is 'Oudh Abyat'.

top notes of saffron & frankincense

middle notes of sweet tobacco, malt

base notes of agarwood (oudh) and amber

This attar can be worn by women and men (unisex).

This attar is free of alcohol.

This fragrance is composed by al Haramain in UAE.

Upon ordering, please select the size of bottle of your choice. The attar will be sent and delivered in the bottles for 3 or 6 or 12 grams on the second picture. 

The chunk of (agar-)wood on the main picture is for photographic purpose only and are is included.