About Us

Dear guest,

Welcome to our store on Woshoush.com!

Opening in August 2014 and since the very beginning, our main mission has been offering unique and exceptional Oriental and Arabic items for a fair price. We select the goods ourselves; we ship & import the goods ourselves and we keep a tight budget on indirect expenses. Also, by only selling online, we don’t have to rent an expensive shop. All these factors make that we can offer marvelous items from far-away countries for a very a good price.

We tend to personally select all items in the country of origin. Unfortunately, this is not always possible because of personal safety.

The name 'Woshoush' is Egyptian Arabic for 'Many Faces'. Our store is offering a wide range of gifts, decorations, perfumes and indulgences, trying to represent the 'Many Faces' of the Oriental and Arab World. 

Although we mainly focus on retail orders, we also accept wholesale orders. Wholesale orders have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 20 pieces. Please contact us when you like to have more information about wholesale.

We don't have an physical shop, nor a showroom. You can pick up orders in Aalsmeer (The Netherlands) by appointment only.

At Woshoush Galerie & Trading, we care about the environment. We do our utmost best to re-use, recycle and protect the environment. Please be informed that we re-use packaging and shipping material. Of course, we also have new materials! Please let us know if you prefer new packaging and shipping material, otherwise the materials will be re-used.

Most of our items are produced in less wealthy countries. We respect local labor ethics and pay the manufacturers reasonable wages, in accordance and comparable to the wages of that country. We do not employ persons minor of age. The exact age for being of age is determined by the laws of that specific country.

Some of our items are sold for charity purposes. This means that the profit of the sale of these items will be donated to officially registered charitable organizations and foundations. When clicking on such an item, you will find more information on the organization to which the profit will be donated.

We love animals and we strongly disagree on animal testing. The products we offer, are (supposedly) not tested on animals. We offer animal products like hide and skin. No animal is killed for this, as the feathers, hides and skins we buy, are rest products of the meat industry.

We hope you will enjoy shopping with us!

Spoil your loved-ones, spoil yourself and let Woshoush bring you the marvels of the Orient!