Selected antique vegan Rabari tribal bracelet

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The bracelets consist of a fabric strip which is set with metal beads and felt balls. The metal & felt tassels hang down the wrist.

Besides wool (felt), no other animal products were used for making these bracelets.

The bracelets are adjustable by a sliding closure.

These antique bracelets were made by the Rabari tribe from the Kutch and Gujarat area in India. The Rabari people are nomadic tribe; herding sheep and goats are their main source of income and is done by men. Rabari women are making the famous hand-woven shawls, amazing jewelry and stylish clothing.

These are antique bracelets; some can be dated back to the 1950's. They are in good to condition, but some signs of wear and tear may occur.

Upon ordering, please select the number of the bracelet of your choice. This is the number in the right upper corner of the pictures.

Origin: India


These items are antique artisanal products; minimal changes in size, color and pattern may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal difference in colors may occur.