NEW ARRIVAL: Egyptian Red Musk - Arabian perfumed oil, attar - private collection

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For many centuries, 'Egyptian Musk' is in high demand and it is one of the most renown fragrances from all!

The Arabic name of this fragrance is 'Misk al Misr'.

'Egyptian Red Musk' is a delicate and perfectly balanced fragrance, which has the finesse of silky Egyptian musk, with an additional note of rich sandalwood, patchouli, amber, red roses and white lily.

Using this fragrance on your bare skin after showering, 'Egyptian Red Musk' will linger it's scent the entire day.

This attar can be worn by women and men (unisex).

This attar is free of alcohol.

This fragrance is composed for Woshoush and belongs to our own private collection.

Upon ordering, please select the size of bottle of your choice. The attar will be sent and delivered in the bottles for 3 or 6 or 12 grams on the second picture. 

The decanter bottle on the main picture is for photographic purpose only and is not included.