NEW ARRIVAL: Blue Nile - Arabian perfumed oil, attar - private collection

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Capturing the fragrances of Ancient Egypt and inspired by the mighty waters of the river Nile, this unique Arabian attar will please even the most exigent noses!

The sweet smell of toasted sands is represented by Egyptian amber, the floral notes of Arabian jasmine and tuberose from lush gardens and the aquatic notes representing the river Nile are all captured in this fragrance.

This attar carries ambergris, balancing the more female floral notes with a masculine touch of ambergris.

This attar is ideal for sun-kissed days as it will keep you fresh and energized.


Olfactory notes of: jasmine, tuberose, lily, amber, aquatic notes, sandalwood & spice cedar


This attar can be worn by men and women (unisex).

This attar is free of alcohol.

This fragrance is composed for Woshoush and belongs to our own private collection.

Upon ordering, please select the size of bottle of your choice. The attar will be sent and delivered in the bottles for 3 or 6 or 12 grams on the second picture.