Home fragrance box collection in handmade decorative sandalwood boxes

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The handmade box is made of Indian sandalwood and is filled with natural Indian fragrance powders.

The incisions in the wooden box allow the fragrance to spread to make your home, bag, wardrobe or car smell warm and sensual.

These home fragrance boxes have 1001 possible applications.

The home fragrance boxes are wrapped in plastic foil, preserving their fragrance until you use them.

If you feel that the scent is very strong, you can tap a few holes with an adhesive tape so that the scent can spread less.

The sandalwood boxes can be opened so you can fill them with a different fragrance or use the boxes for other purposes.

We carry 7 different fragrances:

  • Vanilla & Amber - sweet warm fragrance
  • Basil & Amber - herbal warm fragrance
  • Patchouli & Amber - warm patchouli fragrance
  • Rose & Amber - powdery rose fragrance
  • Brown Amber - pure sweet ambery fragrance
  • Nag Champa & Amber - warm traditional Indian fragrance
  • Myrrh & Amber - warm & spice incense fragrance

Upon ordering, please select the home fragrance box of your choice.


Format: 6 x 3.5 x 2 cm (slightly larger than a matchbox)

Weight: 38 gram approx.

Origin: India


These items are handmade, minimal deviation in size and weight may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in color may occur.