Exclusive handmade Rabari waistcoat - bodywarmer #6

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This waistcoat is completely handmade in India by Rabari tribal people, using the same technique as for their exclusive shawls/body wrap.

The Rabari people live in the area of Kutch and Gujarat in India. They are a nomadic tribe; herding cattle, sheep and goats are their main source of income and is done by men. Rabari women are making the famous hand-woven shawls, amazing jewelry and stylish clothing.

Each Rabari shawl has a story: every design, each color, pattern and used materials tell something about the identity of the maker, like for example marital status, age or social position in the tribe.

This waistcoat is made of the same material as the Rabari shawls: a thinly woven mixed fiber of wool and cotton (more cotton than wool). Therefore the fabric feels less soft than pure wool, but is not itchy.

The edges are completely covered with handmade embroidery and Indian mirrorwork. 

The waistcoat can be closed by 3 large buttons and has 2 side pockets.

The edges of the waistcoat are set with wooly faux fur in natural white color.

Before ordering, please check the sizing of this waistcoat with your sizes. 


Size: all sizes and measurements are approx.

  • shoulder width: 46 cm
  • chest: 58 cm (116 cm full chest)
  • length: 66 cm

Material: cotton-wool mixed fiber

Care instructions: professional cleaning only

Origin: India


This is a handmade artisanal product made by tribal people; minimal deviation in size, color and pattern may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in color may occur.