Deluxe Palo Santo smudge, 15 gr.

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Palo Santo means 'Holy Wood' and is a wild tree that grows in the Amazon rainforests of Ecuador and Peru. Its wood, leaves and oil have been used for thousands of years by Shamans to heal body and soul, to purify spaces for clearing negative energies and to prepare for meditation.

Palo Santo has a sweet balsamic herbal scent, which is calming and soothing, which carries a powerful energy of healing and purification.

Spiritual cleansing often signals the beginning of a new period: the old energy is removed and new flows in so that you are recharged, fresh and free from negativity!

Ideal to open the windows after a period of negativity on a sunny day, burn white sage smudge and start a new period fresh and energized.

This box contains a Palo Santo smudge stick of 15 grams, in a deluxe wrapping. Help a loved-one start a new period in life, by giving this deluxe smudge stick as gift.


Weight: 15 grams approx.

Size of the smudge stick: 22 cm approx.

Origin: India


These items are handmade & handpicked; minimal deviation in size may occur.

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