Pair of gilded antique tumar pendants - gonjuk pendants

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Pair of gilded antique tumar pendants, made by Tekke tribal people in Turkmenistan.

A tumar pendant is the most important piece of jewelry for a Tekke bride, as it protects het against the evil eye.
Most brides have 1 tumar pendant and it is worn on the back.

Paired tumar pendants are for important members of the Tekke community and are braided into the hair of the bride. Paired tumar pendants are a rare find.

These tumar pendants are very fashionable and very wearable!

Age period: early 20st century
Size of the pendant: 28 x 6 cm approx.
Weight of the 2 pendants together: 154 gram
Origin: Turkmenistan


These are antique handmade artisanal products; minimal deviation in size, color and pattern may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in color may occur.