Royal blue Afghan fashion dress in soft satin-like fabric with antique embroidery & trousers and shawl set

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This dress is made of fine satin-like fabric, which has been decorated with embroidered floral patterns.

The chest area is made of an antique Afghan Kuchi chest piece.

The cuffs and the bottom hem of the dress are set with antique embroidery, matching with the antique fabric from the chest area.

The waist of the dress can be adjusted to a limited extend by tying the adjusting ribbons together.

This dress comes with green traditional hareem trousers (free size) and shawl.



  • chest: 52.5 cm - full chest: 105 cm
  • sleeve length: 58 cm
  • cuff width: 17.5 cm
  • total length: 115 cm

Origin: Afghanistan


These items are handmade, minimal deviation in size may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in colour may occur.