Arabian portable incenser - incense burner - miniature incenser for bakhoor, resins and incense

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Enjoy your favorite incense, herbs, resins and bakhoor wherever you go!

Because to the small size and the convenient way of burning, this portable incense burner can easily be taken into the car, to another room, at the campsite or anywhere else you like.

The portable incense burner is filled with lighter fluid. Turn open the top and place in the upper part the incense, resin or bakhoor.

By igniting the burner with the side button (like a lighter) the incense will start smoldering. The aroma will escape through the perforations in the lit.

By turning the wheel at the bottom of the burner, you can regulate the intensity of the heat/flame.

The portable incense burner is easy to handle and easy to clean after use. Just turn open the 3 different parts and brush the ashes out.

The portable incense burner is ideal for spiritual cleaning of multiple rooms, for at a camping site (some incense may keep mosquitoes away) or for aromatherapy.

The Oriental-Arab finish of the burner and the incrusted rhinestones give the portable incense burner a special and glamourous appearance.

Important: the burner is shipped without filling it with lighter fluid. As local legislation forbids shipping items which are filled with lighter fluid, you will have to fill the burner before the first use. Lighter fluid can be bought at most hardware store or tobacco shops.

Important: the top part of the incense burner will become extremely hot while in use. Be aware of accidental burning and handle with care. Keep away from children, pets and any possible burning materials.

Upon ordering, please select the color of the burner of your choice.


Size: 12 x 3.2 cm approx.

Weight: 70 grams approx.

Available colors: gold, blue, black or red

Origin: China


These items are handmade; minimal deviation in size may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures; minimal differences in color may occur.