Natural abalone shell burner for smudging and decoration

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The abalone shells are a natural product and are in authentic condition, so that all spiritual energy is unaltered is very strong.

Each shell is different is size and shape and measure between approx. 12 and 14 cm in size.

Besides the high spiritual value of the abalone shells, they are also very decorative and can be used for all kinds of applications. Usually Abalone shells are used for burning sage and resins, as a spiritual energy source, for spiritual cleansing.

If you just want to enjoy the beauty of these shells, you can use them as a soap dish, bowl for rings and jewelry, as a holder for tea lights, etc.

The shells have natural openings on the side, which promotes air circulation when smudging and allows water and moisture to flow away, for example when used as a soap dish.


Size: 12 to 14 cm approx

Origin: The Netherlands


These items are natural; minimal deviation in size may occur.

Although we do our best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in color may occur.