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Indian zardosi embroidery work is characterized by hand-embroidered fabric with metallic wire and/or the use of beads, pearls, sequins and precious stones. Wearing clothing with zardosi embroidery used to be an exclusive for royals, but not anymore. Now fine and stylish garments are decorated with fine and precious zardosi work.

These large zardosi patches are recycled from a vintage bridal sarees. This zardosi work is about 25 to 30 years old and the patches has a previous live. Therefore it is possible these some stone or beads are missing, adding more character to these precious fabrics.

The large patches can be used in 1 part or can be cut in parts (depending on the design and pattern of each patch) to embellish any item or for your own sewing project.

The zardosi pattern will be cut out of the red carrying fabric and the applied to the item you like to decorate. This way most of the red carrying fabric will disappear.

The patches are measured taking the size of the longest side of the main pattern x the most wide side of the patch.

From each vintage zardosi patch are 2 pictures: 1 main picture and 1 with a detail.

Upon ordering, please select the number of the zardosi patch of your choice. This is the number in the right upper corner of the picture.


The approximate size of each patch is indicated on the pictures.

Origin: India


These items are handmade; minimal deviation in size may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures; minimal differences in color may occur.