Incense burner gift set + 8 cubes of bakhoor 'Oud al Mudakhan', Arabian incense by Dukhni - India

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This giftset consists of a metal-and-wood incense burner/diffuser + 8 single cubes of 'Oud al Mudakhan' bakhoor.

The bottom of the burner is made of wood, on which a metal middle part is staying. In the middle part the mighty symbol of the Tree of Life is carved. On top rests a copper colored tray on which the incense will be burned.

A tea light candle is placed in the burner (and light it) to make the burner work.

Bakhoor 'Oud al Mudakhan' by Dukhni is a premium Oriental fresh woody-spicy incense, based on Indian agarwood powder. 'Oud al Mudakhan' will create a spiritually uplifting atmosphere.

  • top notes: rose, spicy saffron, jasmine
  • middle notes: stone flower, kewra, star anise
  • base notes: Indian agarwood (oudh), rosewood

Bakhoor from Dukhni is 100% vegan, free of child labor and are not tested on animals. Dukhni is the leading brand for incense and bakhoors outside the Gulf region.

Bakhoor can be burned with charcoal in a mabkhara, with an electric burner or with a candle burner/diffuser. This candle burner/diffuser is included in the gift set.

Quantity: 1 incense burner/diffuser + 8 single incense cubes (10 gr. approx.)

Origin: India


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