Genuine oudh bracelet from Vietnamese agarwood - eaglewood with 12 or 14 mm beads

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This bracelet has 108 agarwood beads, attached to an elastic band for being comfortable while wearing the bracelet. The bracelet is wrapped multiple times around the wrist, until you have the desired effect or size.

The beads are light brown and they have a striped (tigered) aspect. With the heat of your body, the wooden beads will warm up and the oudh scent of the beads will start to smell.

Wood can not stand humidity; also agarwood not. If the mala gets wet, dry it with a cloth and let dry. Polish the beads by rubbing them with a cotton cloth when completely dry.

Agarwood is a natural product and therefore small differences in color, weight and wood pattern are possible.


Origin: Aquilaria Crassna plantation from Vietnam

Color: light brown and tigered aspect

Scent: intense, sweet scent of pure oudh

Available with 6 mm or 8 mm. beads

Weight 6 mm. beads: 10 gr. approx.

Weight 8 mm. beads: 19 gr. approx.


These items are handmade and agarwood is a natural product. Minimal deviation in size, color, pattern and weight may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures; minimal differences in color may occur.