Exclusive & rare oudh bracelet from Vietnamese wild agarwood, wild eaglewood bracelet with 16 mm. beads

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Wild agarwood is extremely scarce and therefore also extremely expensive. Finding bracelets or other objects made from wild agarwood are a very rare find.

Exclusive at Woshoush, we obtained 3 beautiful bracelets, consisting in 14 polished beads of 16 mm. of wild Vietnamese agarwood. 

The beads are polished with cloth, to make them smooth and a tiny bit shiny. Agarwood experts will immediately recognize this precious bracelet by the beauty, the weight and the fragrance of the bracelet.

Wild agarwood has a much softer but richer fragrance than plantation agarwood.

Wood can not stand humidity; also agarwood not. If the bracelet gets wet, dry it with a cloth and let dry. Polish the beads by rubbing them with a cotton cloth when completely dry.

Agarwood is a natural product and therefore small differences in color, weight and wood pattern are possible.


Origin: wild-grown Aquilaria Crassna from Vietnam

Color: black-brown marbled patterns in the wood

Scent: soft and rich sweet scent of pure oudh

Weight: 31 gr. approx.

Shipping: will be shipped by registered mail and with insurance


These items are handmade; minimal deviation in size may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures; minimal differences in color may occur.