Metta - Feng-Shui crystal window decoration

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Feng-Shui is a Chinese philosophy, practiced for over 3000 years, teaching how to influence human constructions (buildings, houses, etc.) for bringing more happiness and fortune in life of the people living there.

'Metta' crystal window decoration forms part of the Feng-Shui philosophy, stimulating and symbolizing unconditional love. 

Use the bendable hook for hanging the crystals on or near a window, and let the sun shine through it. The sun light will make the crystals shine and twinkle, filling the room with positive energy.

The crystals come in blue protective gift box.

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Size: 20 x 4.1 cm approx.

Origin: The Netherlands


These items are handmade; minimal deviation in size may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures; minimal differences in color may occur.