Authentic buaya bracelet from Indonesia with lapis lazuli or amethyst

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The bracelets consist of 18 wooden buaya beads of 11 mm. diameter, attached to an elastic band for being comfortable while wearing the bracelet. These are 2 beads added in amethyst or lapis lazuli. Bethween there 2 beads, a small lotus hanger as attached.

The beads are brown-black and polished with cloth to give the beads have a precious shining.

Wood can not stand humidity; also buaya not. If the bracelet gets wet, dry it with a cloth and let dry. Polish the beads by rubbing them with a cotton cloth when completely dry.

Buaya is a natural product from Aetoxylon trees and therefore small differences in color, weight and wood pattern of the beads are possible. Buaya agarwood is also known as crocodile agarwood, but buaya is less rare than agarwood from Aquilaria trees.

 Upon ordering please select the bracelet of your choice.


Origin: Wild Indonesian Aetoxylon trees 

Color: black to brown

Scent: intense, sweet scent 

Weight: 15 gr. approx.


These items are handmade and agarwood is a natural product. Minimal deviation in size, color, pattern and weight may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures; minimal differences in color may occur.