White Sage smudge, XXL

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Good spirits love white sage, bad ones don't; hence, burning white sage smudge will spiritually cleanse rooms and areas from negative energy and attract positive energy.

Spiritual cleansing often signals the beginning of a new period: the old energy is removed and new flows in so that you are recharged, fresh and free from negativity!

Ideal to open the windows after a period of negativity on a sunny day, burn sage smudge and start a new period fresh and energized.

White sage smudge also works well against moths, mosquitoes and other insects.

The sage has grown wild so that it has extra energetic and purifying value.


Weight: 100 grams approx.

Size: 23 cm approx.

Origin: The Netherlands


These items are handmade & handpicked; minimal deviation in size may occur.

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