Traditional Omani masar shawl in kashmir wool and silk embroidery

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The masar shawls are a national heritage and symbol of Oman. Traditionally, the masar shawls are square and made of Kashmir wool and has 4 large embroidered Oriental patterns and a continuous border over the 4 sides, in silk thread. 

A fine herringbone pattern woven in the main part of the shawl (see pictures).

Kashmir wool is a natural fiber obtained from hairs of Kashmir goats and provides "insulation" against heat or cold. It retains body heat in cold weather and blocks heat in hot weather. Kashmir wool is strong, very light in weight and amazingly soft.

These shawls can be worn by both men and women. In Oman, masar shawls are also worn by men as headdress. Women can use the masar shawl as hijab.

Omani masar shawls are rarely available outside Oman!


Size of the shawls: 125 x 125 cm approx. (2 to 3 cm difference is possible)

Origin: Oman

Care instructions: professional cleaning advised - eventually wash by hand in cold water with soft shampoo.


This is a handmade artisanal item, made with natural materials; minimal difference in color, size and condition may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in color may occur.