Phoenix V fire bowl for smudging ritual - ceremony

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The Phoenix V fire bowl is the ideal recipient for smudging and fire ceremonies.

The slightly rusty antique look of the fire bowl will add an extra dimension to your ceremony.

How to use:

- cover the bottle of the bowl with a thick layer of fine sand

- add the herbs and sticks you intend to use along the outer border onto the sand

- place a candle or tea light in the middle of the bowl

- light one by one the herbs and stick while you do the ritual or ceremony


WARNING: Do not leave the fire unattended, keep the fire away from any object that may burn unintendedly, keep away from children, pets and use out of wind/draft. Keep a fire blanket or extinguisher close-by. Be wise using fire during rituals and ceremonies.


Material: rolled, slightly rusty iron

Size:  27 x 11 cm approx.

Origin: The Netherlands


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