Old Afghan spiked torc - torq necklace, vintage tribal neck ring with spikes

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A torc necklace, also spelled torq or torque, is a large rigid or stiff ring worn around the neck. It is made in metal, either as a single piece or from strands twisted together. Some torc necklaces open at the from, some at the back.

These Afghan torc necklaces are made of non-magnetic copper alloy and have tribal details hammered in the metal. In addition, some colored glass beads have been incrusted on different locations along the neck ring.

The torc necklaces are in excellent condition and can still be worn. You can also use them an eye-catching decorative object in your home interior or add it as ornament to your styling projects.

These torcs are handmade and have been used much. Please allow minimal signs of age and usage. We will send the neck ring of your choice without cleaning it, in order to preserve the precious patina.

The exact size and additional information on each torc necklace is indicated on the pictures.

Upon ordering, please select the number of the torc of your choice. This is the number on the right upper corner of the picture. 


Origin: Afghanistan


These items are handmade, minimal changes in size may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal difference in colors may occur.