Antique 1970's embroidered Sindh tribal dress with Oriental mirrorwork

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Beautiful antique dress with embroidery and Oriental mirrorwork, made by Sindh tribal people.

Sindhi people are an ancient Indus civilization, living nowadays mostly in the Pakistani Sindh province and in India, still conserving many ancient traditions and the Sindh language . Sindhi people are famous for their exquisite cuisine, for their colorful attire and their friendly nature.

The front of the dress is made from mixed materials, such as cotton, silk-based and synthetic fabrics.
The back of the dress is made of silky-satiny fabric with silver embroidery. The back of the dress is slightly longer than the front of the dress.

The dress was made in the early 1970's.

This antique dress is still perfect for wearing; it can become a colorful eye-catching object in an exotic interior design or it become part of any sewing & fashion project.

Despite the age, this dress is in excellent condition; some stains, small holes and signs of intense wear and high age are common on this kind of rare and ancient garments.

To preserve the authenticity of the dress, we do not clean, mend, repair, alter or wash them. The dress will be sent in the same conditions as we got it in from Pakistan.

Size: all sizes are approx.

sleeves + chest: 110 cm
chest: 52 cm (full chest: 104 cm)
cuff width: 13 cm
length of the dress: 95 cm

Material: vintage tribal fabrics, handmade embroidery, Oriental mirrorwork

Care: professional cleaning recommended

Origin: Pakistan

This is an antique tribal artisanal product made with vintage materials; minimal deviation in size, color and pattern may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in color may occur.