Organic papyrus reed shopper bag from Egypt

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The colorful reed shopper bag was made according to ancient techniques and tradition by local craftsmen from Alexandria, Egypt.

The bag consists natural fiber only, i.e. pure papyrus reeds (also known as Nile reeds) which was harvested in Egypt. Since ancient times papyrus reeds occupy an important role in Egyptian society, and it still does. Natural papyrus reeds are a sustainable source of raw material, the material is light in weight and it is highly wear-resistant.

The bags are handmade and are a masterpiece of local craftsmanship.

Please, kindly note that natural fibers are sensible and sensitive to humidity. By keeping the shopper dry, it will last and stay pretty for a very long time.

Upon ordering, please select the number of the shopper of your choice. This is the number on the right upper corner of the picture. 


Size: 52 x 41cm approx.

Origin: Alexandria, Egypt


This item is handmade, minimal changes in size may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal difference in colors may occur.