Exclusive attar Oudh Mix with ZamZam & Medina Rose by al Rawda

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This luxurious and exclusive agarwood fragrance is formed by combining of the famous Medina rose with pure agarwood oil (oudh). Adding a few drops of holy Zamzam water makes this an unparalleled beautiful and mystic fragrance! 

The fragrance is made by al Rawda, exclusively in Medina and with using only local materials. One single drop of this attar will take you on a journey to Medina!

The fragrance is packed in a crystal bottle, with a crystal applicator stick to apply the attar to the body.

We also carry this fragrance in eau de parfum spray (see Oriental spray perfume).


This fragrance can be worn by men and women (unisex).

This fragrance is composed by al Rawda, KSA

This attar is free of alcohol.

Content: 3 gr. (= quarter Tola = about 3 ml.)


Only original, packaged and unused items are sold. The bottle on the photo is a tester.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in color may occur.