Donation for Christmas picture contest 2021

Donation for Christmas picture contest 2021

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With a donation of 2 euro per picture, contestants can send in their cutest, funniest and most amazing Christmas pictures of their beloved pet or pets!

After selecting the donation amount, you can send in the correspondent number of pictures to:

From all participating pictures 3 winners will be elected by the management of Dierenhulp Zonder Grenzen Foundation. The 3 winners will receive each a gift box for pets and their humans, offered by the foundation, Biofood and Woshoush.

Deadline for participation: before Jan. 31th 2022.

By this date all participating pictures and all donations have to be sent in. Pictures and/or donations arriving later can not participate anymore.

Please indicated your full name, full address and the name of the pet/pets on the pictures.

Only pictures of your own pets are allowed and the participant has to the the maker of the pictures.

To avoid high custom fees when shipping the gift boxes, the photo contest is only available for participants with an address within the European Union.

The detailed participation policy, the privacy policy and liability conditions are available on request. Please contact to get the full conditions and regulations by email.

Good luck to all participants, enjoy the Christmas time and thank you for your support!