Antique tribal Afghan choli chest piece #3

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Choli tops are the top parts traditional Afghan Pashtun dresses. This is only a chest piece, without sleeves, nor cuffs.

This antique choli chest piece is very richly set with old coins and embroidery. 

You can wear the tops or you can use the material for your own (sewing) project. The garments will look stunning as a colorful accent on the wall, hanging on a piece of driftwood or beautiful branch. Choli chest piece can also be framed or placed on a mannequin.

This choli chest piece is about 80 years old and have been worn a lot (real antiques!). Due to the high age of the fabrics, there are imperfections, such as moth holes, a crooked coin, a loose hem, wear and tear marks, stains, etc. and needs reparation work.

The choli will be sent in original state as it is on the picture. To preserve the beautiful patina and antique state, we will not wash, clean or mend the choli chest piece. If you like to wear the choli, we recommend to have it dry cleaned before wearing.

For the approximate sizes: see last picture

General condition of the chest piece: needs restauration before wearing

Origin: Afghanistan


This is a handmade artisanal antique item, minimal deviation in size, pattern and color may occur.

Although we do our very best to provide clear pictures, minimal differences in color may occur.